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Disabled Facilities | Qtech

Managing the application, assessment and certification process for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) has always been challenging. The frequent, complex changes in benefits and grants legislation make it increasingly difficult for staff to confidently and correctly apply the regulations. Ensuring that information from clients is complete and properly assessed is time-consuming. Yet errors in individual applications can be expensive.

Qtech is dedicated to means-tests and questionnaire technology. We have been supplying quality software and training for housing renewal grants since 1992. Our customers say that they chose our products and stick with them because our expertise comes shining through, that we provide tools which are professional, precise and thorough.

In 2005 we launched our on-site, modular training courses with conspicuous success. Qtech training currently deals with the changes anticipated in April 09 as well as three levels of courses on the Test of Resources.

Last year we introduced two new, totally electronic systems for DFGs. iQGrants Pro is a unique, ground-breaking e-solution which revolutionises the whole process. This is the view of the Communities and Local Government Department. iQGrants Cymru is the equivalent e-system dedicated to the legislation in Wales.

Both products are independent of and complementary to current database systems. The whole of the grant documentation, including any Test of Resources required, is easily embedded in the relevant management system. iQGrants provides a clear, integral audit trail. We are extending the software to cover all Housing Renovation Grants, customised to meet the requirements of each Authority.
Our systems and courses are flexible and responsive so that they meet your requirements cost-effectively. Our knowledge and experience will enable you to make step-changes in the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of DFGs and other Housing Renovation Grants.